Our center of attention

You will find us in the Passatge of independence 23, an unbeatable location in the centre of Barcelona, with easy access and less de100m from metro stop Sant Pau L5. In the same street a few 15m of our center there is a parking place for vehicles.

Center of attention

Welcome to Team physical therapy

We present to you, Team physical therapy is a health Center multidisciplinary where we collaborate and work together Physiotherapists, osteopaths, nutritionists, and specialists in sleep disorders throughout these years, we have been training in the different branches of health and have had extensive experience with patients.

In 2020, in a full pandemic, we decided to get together and embark on this project where the patient is at the center of the focus of attention and where from a multi-disciplinary approach, we try to provide all the tools that our patients may need to treat their diseases, and to acquire a healthy lifestyle.

We love our job, we are a team of young, professional and understanding of the needs and gaps that exist in our health care system, that's why we offer clinical solutions custom, multi-disciplinary, based on science and new technologies, and always bearing in mind that we're dealing with people, that empathy and closeness are essential for the treatments to be effective.

As our name indicates -T·E·A·M-, teamwork is the cornerstone of our project, we understand that against the more points of view we have, the better will be the results in our patients.

We believe in cooperation, not in competition, we talk about patients, not clients.

The TEAM also helps us to explain the pillars on which is based the center:

  • Work: The multidisciplinary work allows us to solve complex problems by applying knowledge from different areas of the health sciences for best results and to prevent diseases and promote healthy lifestyle habits.
  • EthicsWe believe in individualized treatment, in to empathize with our patients and provide a solution to the problems that often can not provide social Security or the mutual. We listen, we value you, make a diagnosis, we applied treatment, we follow the evolution, and we have ways of communication, direct and effective with our patients to feel supported throughout the process of treatment.
  • Analysis: All our treatments are based on a scientific base supplemented with the experience of our professionals, and we chose to introduce new technologies, collect data, analyze results, and propose to our patients the best treatments for a speedy recovery
  • Improvement : We are in constant training and the environment is a multidisciplinary allows us to continue to learn from each other, we remain open to new treatments that may arise, and that spirit that you can always learn something new to focus on it for the benefit of our patients.

We believe that our support and solutions come from the needs observed during the years of experience we carry on our backs. For this reason, it is of vital importance to our multidisciplinary approach, so that people can feel guided by different strategies and professionals to come together to the same goal.

Rehabilitation – Nutrition – Sport – Dream

In order to address any problem of a patient the first, from the closeness, is to listen and gather all the necessary information that we can provide, perform a functional assessment to understand who is the person that we have before us, your problem, as this has an impact on their daily life, activity or sport to design a personalized treatment plan to the needs of each individual.

We work on a personal and individual with the patient, using techniques of manual therapy, osteopathic manipulation, dry needling, massage...

It should be noted that any session will require duties to the patient and it is during the final minutes of the treatment, where we approach the part of therapeutic exercise, corrective exercises or posture, as well as stretches that will help to maintain and improve and prevent the patient.

A large part of our work is the education about the patient explaining what is his pathological process, the risks or potential sources of your problem and resolution of doubts about this transmit. We seek the understanding of the patient about their process or injury, treatment and prevention but especially to avoid dependency and eternización the number of sessions to be performed (patient Autonomy).

Finally, we tried to keep the deal close follow-up with patient staff using a telephone contact or message, to know the feedback of the results of the session and comment on sensations in a few days.

We have reception and a clearance where you perform the first-time visitors, sessions, nutrition and sleep disorders, fully equipped and soundproof, which give us the privacy and comfort that require these services.

3 cabins physiotherapy spacious (12m2) where the work sessions of physiotherapy and osteopathy, ratings and functional where treatments are applied individually.

We stock a multipurpose room of (50m2) where you can complement the therapeutic exercises physical therapy sessions, it has specialist equipment to retrofits, sports, also have group classes and is equipped with a projector and screen to perform all kinds of formations health, presentations and talks.

Finally, 2 locker rooms and bathrooms, fully adapted to our patients can be changed if necessary with total privacy and comfort.

All the facilities of the center are properly heated and adapted for our patients to feel at home in an environment that is clean, warm and familiar.

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We take care of you

Health and physical activity

The movement is to health what's the smile for happiness. The body in the same way that the mind needs exercise to stay agile and ready for the challenges of day-to-day.

The treatment of injuries allows us to return to physical activity, eliminating pain and restoring mobility and muscle tone.

Physical exercise provides a myriad of benefits ranging from stress reduction, acceleration of metabolism, improvement of the immune system, increase blood flow and secretion of endorphins ( the happiness hormone), among others.

That's why we combine the therapeutic treatments with exercise for a comprehensive treatment in which the body and movement go hand in hand.


“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” Hippocrates said, that we are always concerned about treating the pathologies, in time to prevent their occurrence?

Learn how to eat the healthy way, learn how it works our body and acquire good eating habits, it is perhaps the greatest act of self-love and responsibility that one can have with yourself.

Eating healthy is expensive, I don't have time, it is complicated to cook, knows not the same etc... are many of the statements that we hear often.

We want to break down myths!!! Please contact us and we'll show you that it is possible to eat healthy, fast, cheap and very very tasty.

Physical rest and sleep

Increasingly society is realizing this large area of health, which has been in the shade for many years and has been normalized in our society. Daytime sleepiness, snoring, sweating, stops breathing, insomnia, stress, irritation,... signs and symptoms that you've experienced at some point in our lives.

All this is why we believe that the physical rest and sleep, are an essential pillar and put at your disposal professionals in this area, with extensive experience in clinical cases, that will help you and guide you in this process to identify the problem, find the solution and go back to sleep and rest effectively, to be able to face the challenges of day-to-day.