To TEAM PHYSICAL THERAPY it is of great importance to the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

The objective of the privacy policy is to inform you in a clear, simple and transparent about the processing carried out on personal data that you provide to us or that we may obtain when you browse our website from any device, the eventual transfer to third parties, and the rights and options you have to control your personal data and protect your privacy.

TEAM physical therapy whose registered office is located in the Passage of the Independence no. 23, 08026 Barcelona, with CIF number B-16894875, is responsible for the processing of the personal data collected on the website.

As an entity belonging to a member state of the European Union, we abide by the following rules:

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("RGPD").
  • Organic law 3/2018, of December 5, 2018, relating to the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (“LOPDGDD”).

Our privacy commitments:

  • We will only Use your data to improve your experience.
  • We will protect your data with any legal guarantee.
  • Always we will speak your language and provide you the information you request.
  • You decide what data you allow us to deal with.
  • Your information will not be on the air, if we don't, we will delete it.


I. what is theQué is a personal data?

Personal data is any information relating to a person that allows your identification, either directly or indirectly by reference to one or several elements that are unique to it as their last name, your name, your mailing address or e-mail or by reference to an identification number or even an IP address, etc

II. How we collect and use your personal data?

We use your information in different ways and for different purposes of treatment, each one of these purposes has a legal remedy, therefore, depends on the information we collect there is a reason for it, you'll define below:

  • Personal data such as your name, your last name, your postal or email address, a phone number...
What we do Why  Legal obligation
To identify you when you contact us to request a visit or to request additional information about our services To verify your identity, we avoid anyone making a fraudulent use of your visit. Also in case you need to change a view or us to contact you for any cancellation, this data will make it possible to  We have the legal obligation to protect and guarantee a correct attention.
To send you updates of our service, or legal updates in our website It is important to keep you informed of any changes we made in compliance with current regulations  Legally we have the obligation to do so and it is important for the contractual commitment that we acquire you as a customer
  • Your posts about us, labels, social networks, or publication of photos
What we do Why  Legal obligation
In the event that you upload something with us, we want to be able to have the opportunity to know your opinion Gives us the ability to respond or react to your post, especially if you're unhappy for any reason  Your opinion matters to us, and legally we have the possibility of this treatment
We use sources of public information to investigate and prevent activities that may end up being fraud We make sure to avoid fraud against thee, and against ourselves  We have the legal obligation to ensure the safety and protect ourselves and you as a customer

III. At what point can we recopilar your personal data?

We may collect your personal data for:

  • Your consent to the placing of a reservation to visit through our website.
  • Your navigation in our website by means of cookies or similar technologies (hereinafter "Cookies" as defined in the cookies Policy, which is accompanied below) or when you click advertising relating to our services;

You do not have the obligation to give us all this personal information, but in case you do not do it you may not be able to make reservations on the web site and that your experience is limited or does not end up being to your liking, however, it is your decision and only that's why I respect you.

We want to give you the peace of mind that in most of the treatments of data are anonymised and the personal information that accompanies does not allow to identify you as a person thanks to this anonymization. This way of dealing data allows us to use data to us are valuable for the realization of statistical analysis, improving the site, developing new products or research in a safe manner.

IV. ¿Quiénes are the recipients of your personal data?

In TEAM physical therapy we do not sell or re-sell any of your personal data to any third party. We ensure that only persons authorised by TEAM physical therapy (the professionals of our team who will attend, for example) may access your personal data when necessary for the management of our relationship or our legal obligations.

TEAM physical therapy may also be required to communicate your data to third parties to comply with legal obligations, regulations, conventional, or to respond to requests from the authorities legally authorized.

If you want more information about the third parties with whom we may share personal data, or how to get more information on how to use your data, please contact us.

V. Use Whatsapp for communication

In order to provide a channel easy communication our website allows you the option of sending us a “whatsapp”.

In the event that you choose to use this method of communication, we must inform you that:

  • We will only process the data that you choose to provide to us through this channel. The main figure that we will be your telephone number to give you the answer to your queries or requests for visits by offering the same guarantees of security, for our part, than in the rest of the channels of communication by which you decide to opt.
  • Whatsapp is an application of third-party communication, therefore, the information that you transmit to, through this channel is under the protection of their privacy policy, which you can see in the following link:

Team physical therapy recommends that in case you want to send us information about your state of health, or additional tests that consider appropriate that we do so using an e-mail with the data in “encrypted” or, more easily, entregándoselo your specialist at the time of the query.

VI. How long do we keep your data?

We will retain your information while you remain a patient of TEAM physical therapy, and during the time that we are required to retain it, to make sure that we meet the legal requirements.

If for any reason you do not want to be patient, you can contact with our centre, with someone from our team (your practitioner) or with our Delegate of Data Protection if you wish to exercise, for example your right to erasure of data. However, we have the legal requirement to retain some of your personal data even after you have requested the deletion. Only keep what is absolutely necessary, and only to make sure that we can comply with our legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our Terms and conditions. 

VII. What are your rights and how to exercise them?

In accordance with the regulations in force, in particular with the RGPD, you have the right to access and rectify their personal data, as well as the right to request erasure, object to its processing and to obtain the limitation of processing for legitimate reasons or the portability to the extent applicable, and not to be subject to automated decisions.

These rights can be exercised directly to TEAM physical therapy, indicating the right you wish to exercise and attaching a document proving your identity (DNI/NIE or substitute document such as a passport):

  • By e-mail in the e-mail address:
  • By postal mail at the following address: Passage of Independence no. 23, 08026 Barcelona, with CIF number B-16894875.

You will receive a response within a maximum period of one (1) month from the date of receipt of your request.

VIII. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. For more information about cookies, see our Cookie policy.

You can edit your cookies preferences here.

IX. Right to submit a complaint.

If you believe that your data have been misused, or that, as an organization, we have not kept safe, contact us and we will provide a response as soon as possible.

In case you are not satisfied with our response you can make a claim, to do this you can contact the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD):

C/Jorge Juan, 6

28001 Madrid

Phone +34 91 266 3517

Fax +34 91 455 5699


In addition, in the following website of the European Committee for Data Protection (ECDC), you will find the contact information of other european agencies that can guide you:

Changes the protection of tor privacy

The regulations tend to change and update, for this reason, it is occasionally likely to make changes to this page to always comply with the regulations in force.

In the event that we make significant changes we will let you know via our website or by other means of contact such as e-mail for you to review the changes. It should be noted versions of each of our policies at the end of each one of them.

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